Is ASEA just another mlm scam?

Published: 11th November 2010
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Here is an unbiased review of the product and network marketing group ASEA.

ASEA launched their mlm network marketing organization in 2009 and is the innovation of long time Kraft Foods strategy vice president Verdis Norton, who retired after 3 decades with the company. His partner, James Pack, whom ran a extremely successful telecommunications consulting group and had recently retired early, was intrigued by a unique technology that Verdis shared with him, and they both saw an opportunity when this technology came up for sale. They felt an obligation to get it out fast, to as many people as they could. So they chose a channel that was a first for them both: network marketing.

The unique product ASEA was born in 2009 and is the first and currently only source of Redox Signaling molecules aside from the human body itself. ASEA is a non-toxic, perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling molecules, similar to those constantly produced by all living healthy cells. ASEA enhances and activates the native antioxidants needed to protect and detoxify the cells and at the same time supplements the signaling molecules needed to repair or replace damaged cells and restore healthy tissue and immune function.

Not enough oxidants cuts off the communication process and allows damaged, infected, and malfunctioning cells to thrive, divide and spread the damage. The bottom line is we need to maintain a healthy chemical balance of redox signaling reactive molecules in order to sustain optimum health.

ASEA claims to have a direct impact on improving your health and significantly growing your athletic ability. Antioxidants cannot function properly in our bodies without balanced reactive molecules to trigger them. Although the FDA has not approved this supplement, ASEA is a natural and safe supplement.

That's a lot to take in and it can be a little confusing. I researched several positive claims of incredible health changes including, but not limited to:

• feeling healthier and mentally sharper

• better sleep

• quicker recovery after workouts and less muscle pain and fatigue

• more energy

With the pros, the cons were what many companies in the health awareness and nutritional mlm companies face often. Some are true and many negative product claims are fabricated, but one I heard a few times over was the ingredients listed on the bottle were no more than distilled water and sodium chloride, which is essentially salt water. There is some truth to this, and there is more in this forty dollar bottle than simple salt water.

Its getting rave reviews by many that are using it,, but with any product, you are going to get skeptics. This runs across the board for many products on the market. As a legit business work from home opportunity, ASEA has a well structured binary comp plan to make it happen. For a start up of about $160, you will get your Associate Kit that includes the basic marketing materials, a corporate web site with your contact information and 1 case of 4 32 ounce bottles of ASEA that you can retail for $150 (the Associate Kit is priced at $40.00 separately).

So you have the start of your home business for under $200-great! Now what? How do you make money with your new mlm business? You direct people to your retail ASEA corporate website where a customer can purchase products or join you in business. You’ll profit $30 for every case that is sold at the lower levels of compensation. ASEA has 11 levels from the Associate up to the Triple Diamond, so leadership pools, check matching, bonuses and overall commissions possibilities are endless. They make available their "Easy Builder Video Sharing" system that you can build a video webpage to promote the products, send video emails, share on social sites and get instant text alerts to your phone so you can follow up with customers immediately. This is an additional $15 monthly to use their system.

This company, on the surface, appears to have a sound business plan and a true motivation to helping people in need of their molecule mixture.

Like most MLM companies, ASEA also has its share of negative feedback and unsavory customer reviews. ASEA does provide a viable and lucrative opportunity, however I would make sure to do your due diligence before becoming a distributor. Carefully evaluate the product or service before choosing to join ASEA or any MLM network marketing business. It can have a dramatic effect on your success.

For more reviews and practical marketing strategies for ASEA or any other mlm network marketing company, visit my website: CertifiedSuccessOnline dot com

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